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Amy Ryan for Chapel Hill Town Council
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Rising to the Challenge

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Experience counts

With over 20 years of town service—and as the only incumbent Council member in the race—I have the experience to help lead our community during these challenging times. I’ve built a reputation as someone who listens to community members and works successfully across coalitions, relying on data and best practices, not emotion or partisan position, to balance competing interests and reach good outcomes for us all.


Why I'm running for re‑election

Chapel Hill
Construction in Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill is a special place.

We’re all about community, social equity, the environment, and achieving a good quality of life for the people who live and work and study here. That’s why most of us moved to Chapel Hill, stayed on after school, or never wanted to leave.

We're changing and evolving.

What was once a small village on a hill is now part of one of the fastest-growing regions in the country. The state university has become a top-tier research institution, the hospital a major regional healthcare center. And we recognize that ways of life that are good for some aren’t good for many others, and aren’t good for the health of our planet.

Chapel Hill Complete Community vision

We can make change work for us.

We can remain true to our roots in the past, but train our eyes firmly on the future. We can be a place where everyone can thrive. We can continue to make our town a great place to live— in some old ways and some new. For people today, and for my kids and your kids and the generations that follow.

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"Amy will work to protect our tree canopy and create a town-wide plan for connecting our parks, greenways, and natural areas."

Jeanette Bench, Friends of Chapel Hill Parks


Who I am as a Council member

Amy Ryan Election Day Volunteers


Join me in rising to the challenge

Key issues I'm working on for Chapel Hill

I've worked on many different initiatives during my 20 years of town service, but there are three goals that have always been at the heart of my work:


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