For the last 17 years, I’ve served on Chapel Hill boards and commissions and been deeply involved in the issues that face our town. As your representative on Town Council, I’ll continue to be a hardworking champion for

1. Growing sustainably, in a way that fits into the existing fabric of our community

  • in the right place—along transit corridors, in downtown and commercial areas, where the roads and other infrastructure can accommodate it
  • at the right size—with heights that fit the context, good transitions to adjacent neighborhoods, and sustainable impacts on traffic and schools
  • for the right reason—to provide community benefits like affordable housing, encourage vibrant public spaces, and promote economic development and a balanced tax base

2. Building and retaining the robust diversity our community needs

  • green areas to balance our growing density—a focus on a connected park, greenway, and open space system
  • a choice of mobility options—for bus, bike, and pedestrians
  • a variety of housing types—making room for appropriate infill that will help more families who work here live here
  • new commercial opportunities—encouraging businesses that provide good jobs for our residents and diversify our tax base

3. Ensuring the health of our environment

  • maintaining our tree canopy and preserving natural areas—incenting developers to stop clear-cutting, saving natural heritage sites
  • championing town sustainability initiatives—electrifying our fleet, improving electric vehicle infrastructure, greening our building codes, and helping residents learn how they can get involved too
  • protecting our stream buffers—improving water quality, keeping our natural systems healthy
  • supporting strong stormwater mitigation efforts—reviewing development with an eye to downstream impacts, moving forward with priority projects on the town’s Stormwater Master Plan